Does a Tooth Extraction Hurt?

If you have been told by your dentist that you need to have one or more of your teeth removed, you may be a little worried. It can even happen if you thought you had perfectly healthy teeth. Sometimes it is a case of wisdom teeth needing to come out, or maybe your dentist thinks you have one too many teeth and removing them will help balance out the space between the others.

Regardless of the reason for the tooth extraction, you should know it is a difficult process. There is a reason why we want to tell you all about the relevant tooth extraction aftercare colorado springs. We want to ensure you are prepared for what happens as soon as your tooth comes out.

You should know that you will be under some form of anesthesia when you have a tooth removed. In almost all cases of tooth extraction, it is local anesthesia, which is given through an injection into your gums.

The injection takes effect very quickly. Within minutes, you will feel a numbness in your mouth, even if the dentist is prodding at it. When they go to remove your tooth, you will not feel anything except a slight tug. There is no pain in the moment.

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The pain comes afterward. Within a couple of hours of the procedure, you will start to experience pain. It will eventually become unbearable, and you will be shocked it could hurt that much. You will need to take painkillers and get bed rest.

Those who have to work the next day should try and take at least one day off. Inform your employer ahead of time and schedule one or two days off after the procedure. Within two or three days, you should be pain free and ready to resume your life as normal.