How to choose a murder mystery party


There’s no doubt there will be plenty of gathering this time of year, so gather with a little bit of flare.

You don’t have to rely on traditional holiday themes to host an incredible party this year- let’s face it, those ugly sweater parties are overdone anyway.

If you’re in the Florida area, you’ve likely seen murder mystery shows in south florida. Take a little inspiration and this year host a new kind of party that your guests are sure to talk about for months after the New Year has passed. Host a murder mystery party.

The menu and decorations


Like any successful party, the menu and decorations set the stage. You want them to match the theme of whatever kind of party you’re going for so that guests can have the full experience.

When it comes to murder mystery parties, cocktail parties are an easy go-to. Consider snacks that might even be a little ‘deadly’ such as those with cute plays on words like: ladyfingers, ribs, or even buckeyes.

The d├ęcor should also be relevant to Paris, the Old West, or Rome in which these types of murder mysteries were often played out.

The activities


For any party, but especially any murder mystery party, it’s all about the games and activities.

murder mystery shows in south florida

The invitations are pretty specific. When you send them they should include what costume design, character description, and other background information unique to each guest. They will also each receive additional clues throughout the night.

A typical murder mystery party can be solved in about 2.5 hours.


The party kit


One of the easiest ways to host this kind of party is which a murder mystery party kit. The most vital part about this kit is that it tells the story.

Unless you’re ultra-creative, then you can always come up with one yourself. Happy hosting!