Tips For Artists

When we decide to go into art we are entering into an area that is very suggestive.  As an artist you need to understand that not everything that you create will be a work of art and that everything that you make will be good.  For many cartoon illustration chicago il professionals, creating a piece of art can take a long time.

Come up with a basic concept

The first thing you want to do with any art is come up with a basic concept.  If it is a boy in front of a tree then your overall concept should be that of a boy in front of a tree.  When someone looks at the image they can say, “Boy in front of tree.”  If your audience says, “Dog in corner” then you didn’t achieve your concept. 


The next thing you want to focus on are your proportions.  In art you can create different sized proportions for items in your art, but you still want people to recognize what it is.  Don’t make a huge head on a character that looks like a car or a building.

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You want to look at your depth.  With depth you can make items in your drawing look farther or closer with some simple lines or alterations in your line work.  Size, positioning and other tricks can be done to make a two-dimensional image look like a three-dimensional image.

Shading and color

When working on an image try to incorporate shading and color.  As you add different shading to an image it begins to take on a unique life and realism.    When we add color, we can change the total look feel of the scene.  For example, you can have green leaves compared to red and yellow leaves which will totally make the scene change.